Why No One Gives A Shit About Your Facebook Page


Facebook could be like the only place online that you need to market. No, really.

You could practically forget about Houzz, Thumbtack, Craigslist (you're not still doing that, right? Hello, killers!) etc. if you focused your energies on Facebook.

Facebook is like the biggest one of them all when it comes to Social Media platforms. And it's not about doing ads only to get results.

Here's Why No One Gives A Shit About Your Facebook Page

You don't create a community. You want to sell your services. You want them to join your list. You post whenever you remember. You want them to read your blog posts. And while all of that is important...You want them to do something for you. But what are you doing for them?

And why in the hell would I even care about your page if you just want something from me? Or you never post.

So what do they want from you on your FB Biz Page?

People go on Facebook to relate to people. To engage with people. To find others to connect with. Will I want to hang out on your page? 

It's a big ass online community and if you're not creating your own tribe, you're wasting your time. 

See the thing is with any social media platform you need to invest time. Auto-posting bullshit doesn't create engagement. People crave relationships. If you auto-post shit to a desolate social media platform then don't expect anything to come from it. So make sure you show up to engage. And I know, you need peeps to get engagement --- read on, buttercup.

But what do they want exactly?!

How the hell do I know? Just kidding. Well, sort of. 

Your clients are people you need to study. So often we get wrapped up in our services, our business that we forget there are people we need to connect with. It's just like dating. 

They wink (aka they comment on your post). You wink back (you respond to their comment). The relationship grows. 

Business, dating, and relationships aren't one-sided. You can't automate that shit either. Could you imagine the automated dating relationship? Holy Hell!

But like dating, you need peeps for engagement which means no one is going to be looking your way if you're wearing dirty ass sweats from the 90s. You need posts to attract them (like a sexy outfit). If you've got no posts, no peeps. So start posting and build the community so they have somewhere fun to hang at.

And this is still like dating, too. They'll spread the word for you - if you're doing it right. 

Post on your Facebook page with posts that...

  • Make them happy (cute animals work)

  • Help them (share a tutorial or tip)

  • Expresses sentiments they believe in

Remember everything you post on your Facebook page does NOT have to relate to decor or design. While we do obsess on it, we do have other interests. Let your Facebook page reflect your other interests which *surprise, surprise* your clients probably have, too!

Post Often, here's why..

You can't post once or twice a day and expect your page to catch on like wildfire. Look at George Takei's Facebook page. How often does he post? A fucking lot. 

You've got to post more often. And yes, it's a lot of work. And post good shit (can't stress that enough)!

Business is personal. Period. End story. So why not start treating your Business page like your personal profile and start sharing more of YOURSELF? It's not that scary. And not everyone will love all of your shit, they will hide your posts and all the rest of it. Who cares? The point is to appeal to YOUR peeps. They will love you.