Evernote for Designers


You could use a notebook. Then hope you don't lose it later. You could use the snipping tool, then insert it into a picture and have a separate text file for the details.

You could create a word file and save a picture in another spot on your computer.

Or you could be smart from the start and use Evernote. Think of it as an online notebook!

Being a designer who works primarily online is a little bit different. I don't want to print everything out for a project. After all, I'm not sitting down with a client to go over their project.

Designing online is a fluid process. After I figure out what the rooms needs, I go to work sourcing it. (It's really shopping but designer's had to come up with a word that sounded more official, so we call it "sourcing".)

So say I happen upon this sensual sofa that I think my client must have. But, I don't want to bother her with 15 emails. So I clip it and go back to shopping sourcing.

And if I happen to be drinking wine while I'm shopping sourcing I can even search my clips I saved for that project.

I just create different folders for each project I am working on to keep all my stuff organized. I think it is fantastic for e-decorating projects.

Here's a screen cast I created for you to check it out.

Evernote for Interior Designers

Evernote for Interior Designers

What do you use to organize your design projects? Tell me in the comments.