Get Out Of Your Own Fucking Way

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I don’t know why you make this so hard. It’s not.

If you would just get out of your own way you could see how easy this really can be. 

And believe me when I tell you this isn’t about brains or strategies. It’s simply not.

You could take twenty more online courses and they still won’t teach you this secret.

They have the latest strategy to share with you that can help you and your business bottom line, but maybe it won’t.

You see those courses don’t address this one critical factor. See, they can help you refine your funnel, boost your social media visibility or help you get more traffic to your website. The critical piece of the puzzle that they aren’t going to help you uncover is the secret weapon you already have within you.

It’s your message. The message you share, regardless of the medium, is the secret to slaying online.

I know, you think you don’t have a message. 

Believe me, you do.

You just don’t want to uncover it because you think that it’s not good enough to share. 

Believe me, it is, you simply need to get into a habit of spilling your message all over the place. 

So if I can actually get you to agree to do that, I’ll tell you how to share your message. 


Write to yourself what you need to know. 

The message within you is the message others need to hear, too.

Not the “you’re a dipshit” message you hear more often than not. No, that one plays on a tape that you need to throw out right now.

Instead of that message, you say to yourself to motivate yourself to get shit done. The message you would say to your best friend when they need a pep talk. The honest words you would share with just about anyone if you could save them some heartache. The nitty gritty that you hold back from sharing because you’re not totally confident that you have all the answers.

I know you don’t want to lead someone wrong. And I know that, Love. But you’re going to evolve and the message will change. 

What you say today will be different next year. You may change your position or opinion and that is okay.

You are learning every day. 

Remember when you were a teenager and you thought you had the world figured out? See, you learned that you didn’t have it all figured out after all. And no one is holding it against you that you were a dopey teenager that didn’t know better.

There are no coincidences in life. People will be put into your life because you need to hear their message. People will be put into your life who need to hear the message inside of you.

And while you might think you’re not on the Oprah level of sharing messages, believe me. You are. 

The message you need to share isn’t the message you see anyone else sharing. The message you need to share is unique to you. 

So you can’t Google for ideas or inspiration. And that right there is WHY you will SLAY online. 

There’s not another soul exactly like you with a message like yours. 

You’re the vessel. 

I beg of you to share your message. The internal dialogues you have with yourself that you think if people heard it could change their lives for the better. That’s your message.

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.