Is Fear Your Only God?

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I think I know you pretty well.

You have a purpose and you’re finally ready to stop playing small.

You know want to work with dreamy clients only.

You want a business where you feel free to be you, not who you think your clients want you to be.

You want to be paid richly for your talents and not feel guilty about it.

You want to grow your business online and not work a million hours a week.

So why are you settling for the life you aren’t really in love with?

Don’t you dare tell me it’s because you HAVE to live it this way. That’s a bullshit excuse and you know it.

What are you waiting for?

A sash that you can wear and prove to people you’re worthy?

A degree from Harvard that you can put on your wall to show people how smart you are?

Permission from someone to be happy and do what you really want?

I certainly don’t want to hear the bullshit excuse that you have responsibilities and it makes it impossible for you to live the life you dream of.

Yes, every choice you have ever made has led you to this moment. The good and the bad choices brought you here. It doesn’t mean though that you’ve been condemned to a life sentence of shit. Unless of course you are a prisoner and I’m really shocked they let you read my stuff in jail.

Why can’t you have the life you want? Why can’t you make the money you want? Why can’t you have the freedom you have been dreaming of since day one?

I’ll wait while you continue to list out all of the bullshit excuses.

The difference between you and the person who is living their dream life is one thing.


Either FEAR is your only God or you are going to start getting real ballsy by daring to live the life you were meant to live. 

The choice is yours.

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.