5 Deadly Entrepreneurial Fears (And How They're Keeping You From Success)

The other four letter word, Fear. Fear plays a big part in our life, even when we think we're some kick ass mofo taking over the world.

We limit our potential more times that we know. That keeps you from the real work you're supposed to be doing AND the real success you deserve. 

  1. Fear of not getting another client. Like ever. Because you think you suck balls in your head until the next client comes along to invalidate this fear.
  2. Fear of not making money ever again. Because what you're selling isn't that awesome. Like everyone should be able to do what you do with ease and style, right?
  3. Fear of shitty clients showing up in sheep's clothing. Because remember Steve? Yeah he was a complete dick and he seemed like he was cool at first. Then he wasn't. And you're just sure there's another Steve lurking around the corner.
  4. Fear of people hating you. And those same people rallying a mob of more angry people to come tell you that you suck. 
  5. Fear of doing something new because you'll probably suck and you can't possibly fail. That is just not acceptable. You're a high achiever and have a sash to prove it.

When you read those and your head gets to nodding you know that you give into those fears more than you'd care to admit. And then you realize that they are mostly bullshit.

  1. Fear of not getting another client. You will get another client. Get some systems in place to help you with automating your marketing efforts and let that shit go.
  2. Fear of not making money ever again. What you do is special. You do it in your own way, you do it awesomely and you do it with integrity. You know how hard it STILL is to find good people these days? Hard. Let that shit go.
  3. Fear of shitty clients showing up in sheep's clothing. Shitty clients can happen if you don't have the boundaries in place. Put the fence around your yard and make them prove they want you badly. You aren't supposed to let all the boys into the yard for your milkshake. Let that shit go.
  4. Fear of people hating you. People will hate you. It's about them, not you. Let that shit go.
  5. Fear of doing something new because you'll probably suck and you can't possibly fail. You will fail. That's how you learn. Let that shit go.

Don't let your entrepreneurial fears get the best of you. You make shit seem way worse in your head than it is in "real life". Let that shit go.

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