Free Shit? Where?

I remember when my dad told me that if you put a bag of shit on the curb with a sign on it that read “free”, some sonofabitch would take it every time.

I always thought he was full of it on that one, but of course, I wasn’t going to bag up the dog shit to see if it was true. 

That was until I started my own business and saw it in action first hand.

People give away a digital bag of shit in exchange for your email address. I know because I have signed up for hundreds of free bags of shit. 

You know why I bought into their free bags of shit? Because either:

  • I thought they had a secret I just had to know

  • The copy on their website was intoxicating

  • Everyone else said it was amazing

Then I found out for myself it was, in fact, a steaming hot bag of digital shit.

Which then led me to finally:

  • Stop signing up for free steaming bags of shit

  • Reevaluate those “business” friends who said the free shit was amazing

So when you’re trying to build your email list, make sure you’re not trying to give away a free bags of shit. Make it helpful like moving your clients further along in the buying process so when they hire you they are well-prepared clients.

If you need more help with coming up with your freebie to grow your list, join the Society. I’ve got training available in there to help you so you aren’t delivering a hot bag of digital shit.