This Rookie Email List Mistake Has To Stop


You know what is totally annoying? It's when some random salesman knocks on your door. You answer it and they just whip their mythical selling dick out. (I'm not even sure I can tell you what a mythical selling dick is for sure, but let's go with it.)

"Helllllllooooo Ma'am! Today I'd like to shove my mythical selling dick in your face and tell you all about it and why you need me to stop whatever your were doing and listen to me talk about my mythical selling dick."

You then jump back in horror because first, eww. Second you're like - I've got no time for this nonsense. And third you're all "who does THAT?!"

Except you're doing the same damn thing if you add someone's email address to your email list without their permission.

Even if they were your client. Even if you were BFFs in junior high. Even if you share mutual annoyance at all things Kanye. 

Here's what to do so you don't make this rookie email list mistake

Sign People Up At Local Events

If you're doing an event somewhere you may want to bring your iPad opened up to your signup page on your website and when you meet someone who could benefit from your expertise, whip out your iPad and have them sign up.

Create a Facebook Ad

Create an ad on Facebook for people to join your email list by advertising your freebie. Target the exact type of dream clients you love to work with and watch your list grow!

Reach Out To Former Clients

Send a nice email with your former client letting them know that you're sharing some amazing design tips in your newsletter and you are pretty sure they'd enjoy them. Then send them a link to sign up.

There's no need to shove your business in someone's face. If you've got something they want they won't be able to resist.