How To Create Compelling e-Design Interior Design Packages Your Clients Will Love

How To Create Compelling e-Design Interior Design Packages Your Clients Will Love

When you find the secret sauce and learn how to create compelling e-Design interior design packages that your clients will love, you'll both be over the freakin' moon. This really has to start with your dream client because you are creating a solution they would pay anything for, right? You can't just make some generic e-Design interior design package and expect someone to buy it. Generic is a dirty word and does nothing to build your business.

Because you’ve already figured out whom your dream client is (and if you haven’t you must do this) you know what problems they face. Your job is to create services to solve their problems.

Knowing your niche and what problems you’re going to solve for them makes it way easier for you to figure out how to package your services in a way that makes sense for your clients.

First rule is don’t have 84 design services for your client to choose from. They will be confused and a confused mind doesn’t buy anything.

At one point, I had 12 different design services. My thought was that I could do so many different things that I wanted to be able to service everyone. So, strike one I didn’t have my ideal client in mind and strike two is that most clients do not know what they want. You've got to hold them by the hand.

Whatever you decide to offer, make sure your offer is crystal clear so that your clients gush over you and whip out their credit cards.

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