Dream of becoming an interior designer, don't let it die.

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The minutes are ticking slowly away while you have this dream of becoming an interior designer. Another day on the calendar is gone. Well, the only reason you know that is because you had another sleepless night. It's not that you could tell by the calendar you have hanging on the wall which is still showing March. And now it's December.

You're business is hanging on by a thread. And so is your sanity.

What's the point of it all?

You have this dream of becoming an interior designer. Are you giving up on that?

While the time's been passing, your dreams have been dying.

As you sit at your desk everyday wondering when the next design project is going to land in your lap you mind races. It's stuck in a loop. The loop of: What am I doing wrong? What I did yesterday worked. Didn't it? Why doesn't anyone pay attention to me? I've got my hands in the air like a person drowning in the ocean and my life raft is losing air. Fast.

You've given up on your dream like you gave up on that diet.

Sure, you can hang with those extra pounds, you can always buy baggy clothes.

You can pretend that you're oooh so busy and that's why you can't market. But you're really just hiding from the world because you don't think you have anything valuable to add to the conversation.

But your soul always knows the score.

And so does your bank account. It dwindles and you fear that everyone can see the anxiety written all over your face that you're not even sure how you're gonna pull through. This is not why you became a designer. You didn't become a designer to be stuck in a cyclone of shit and not know how to get yourself out of it.

And you feel that small quiet voice in the back of your head. It's a whisper right now, but you like to push it off to the side. It's too much to listen to right now.

And you can't get your confidence back by giving up.

So while you push that small whisper off to the side, you wallow in your all-you-can-eat self-pity buffet. Eff it. Who cares. They were all right.

But that whisper won't shut up. It continues until you give it the respect it deserves. It's your confidence, begging for another chance. Please, just listen to me.

If you're not ready to throw in the towel, you gotta grow a pair.

Even though you think you're fooling the world, we can smell your fear. And that's when you have to listen to that whisper:

Being in business for yourself isn't easy. But you can do this.

I know it seems like you're in an uphill battle and these hurdles feel like they've been put into place just to eff with you. Sometimes these hurdles put in place are just to test us and how much we really want it.

I know you want it and even if you're not making any effort to take it, success is yours for the taking. And success doesn't mean a six figure salary overnight. Because that shit ain't gonna happen.

Success comes to those who are well prepared. So don't give up on your dream of becoming an interior designer that's kick ass.

You want success, then start acting like it. You won't be a million dollar decorator/designer overnight, but you can start working for that goal today. So, what three steps are you going to do today to get your confidence running on all 8 cylinders (and no, we don't want it running on 3 cylinders because you're not a Yugo). Tell me in the comments.