Do The Work And Show The Fuck Up


I don’t care how brilliant you are at what you do.

If you don’t constantly advertise, market and sell yourself - you don’t have a business.

Sitting around with your thumb up your ass waiting for someone to notice you is a sure way to be out of business.

We’ve become used to the mentality that everyone deserves a prize for simply being themselves. And then what? You get out in the real world and surprise! You’re not prepared to put in the work because mommy, daddy and the world coddled your ass as a kid. Told you how special you were.

You go educate yourself, go out into the world and there’s another surprise. You have to start at the bottom, putting in all that effort you thought you could avoid. Which makes you all sorts of Pissed Pissoffterson because work sucks.

You sit there wondering how all these people around you got so much stuff and where was your stuff?

Because they fucking worked for it.

You have to get the experience, gain the trust, show up and hustle.

There’s no shortcut to success.

You know what shortcuts do for you? Make it even longer for you to get success.

You could buy some bullshit scam artists program that will guarantee something ridiculous like making a bazillionaire dollars in 7 days and you won’t get the result.

Why? Because business is based on showing up, doing the work and building the relationships that make business happen.