Is DesignFiles Right For You?


There are so many interior design platforms now to take a look at and one that I'm loving is Designfiles. There isn't an interior design platform that does everything, but I'm not sure if there was that it would be such a good idea. You know the saying, jack of all trades, master of none.

With that being said, I like how you can get a lot of things done on Designfiles in one interior design platform. 

Back in the old days, which was almost a decade ago when I started my own design business, I didn't have these types of tools that we have now.

I was piecing together all sorts of different pieces of software to pull a project together. I'd use Minutes Matters to create my floorplans, Evernote to file all my sources aways, use Excel to create my shopping list then take a screenshot of it to use in CorelDraw to then create a design package to send off to clients. Talk about a headache!

Today I want to share another tool with you to help you with your design process. 

Introducing DesignFiles

DesignFiles is an online interior design platform where you can create almost everything thing that you need to present a complete design package to your clients minus the floorplan.

You can create the floorplan with another software program like Minutes Matters (which I think is super cute) and upload it to DesignFiles.

With DesignFiles you can:

  • Set up packages and collect payments through your own branded platform

  • Create 2D and 3D mood board designs to show clients how their room is coming together

  • Create a shopping list, while at the same time curating your own product library of your own trusted vendors

  • Have conversations with your clients and contractors about the project

I had created a masterclass for Society members on DesignFiles 6 months ago and it has improved since then so I'm ready to share it with you today. I've created a video demo of me using it. 

I'm not a genius DesignFiles user but you can see how you'll easily be able to master it in no time!

Check out my video on DesignFiles...

I'm a referral partner for DesignFiles and if you'd like to get 50% off the first 2 months of the Professional Plan when you sign up you can use the code: alycia50

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