What do designers want?


Is it a million dollars? That would certainly be nice, but I don't think that's only it. Is it respect? That's one part of it.

Is it collaboration? Of course.

Is it to get people to agree with you? Sure.

It's all those things and more.

What do designers want?

As interior designers we often want try to boil down what we want to a simple snippet, but when we take a deep down look at what we really want sometimes the vision gets murky.

We want to help our clients, we want to get paid well for it and have people recognize that we are indeed awesome. However, when we die are you going to be most proud of what you were or how you acted?

I'm guessing the latter. How you treated people, how you treated your family, how you treated yourself.

First we need to recognize why we are doing what we are doing... as dumb as the term is we need a 'mission statement' to follow. Or call it your why statement.

Why do you want to be a successful interior designer?

You can think of your why as starting from where you want to be when you're done designing full time. Is it so you can travel the world? Is it so you can buy a lil cabin in the woods? Is it so you can give back and volunteer? Where do you want to end this design journey you're one?

Once you know how you want to end up, let's get onto how are you gonna get there. Instead of saying to ourselves I need to sell so many design jobs per month, let's make it I'm going to be such an awesome designer by showing my heart, my willingness to help, my expertise that will help my clients.

You will get what you want in this world when you stop worrying about yourself and focus on those you truly want to help.

That's not to say you shouldn't focus on building your design empire. I mean I live, breathe and dream about how to build my business everyday, but in the way that I try every day to figure out how I can best be helpful to you. Whether you know it or not, we're kinda BFFs. Just like you are with your BFF, if they ask you a question, beyond your first response to them, you start thinking additionally of other ways you could help them. I do the same when you ask for help. And that's how you need to think when you're chatting with your clients.

So you know where you want to end up and how you can help your clients do it. Now what? You've got to learn how to put the business parts of the puzzle together. Believe me, I could easily get overwhelmed if I tried to implement everything I have learned over the years, but it has to be one thing at a time. Focus.

There's no overnight success stories.

There's overnight celebrity stories that usually end with one of them passed out on Hollywood Blvd with Coke crusted in their nostril. What you want requires you to build it. You're going to get your heart broken and you're going to experience your heart so full of love many times over.

We're going on a journey to success, that starts with action, a game plan and determination to hustle. You don't have to be the best designer in the world, you just have to show up online in the best way.