How Teresa Guidice Made Me Delete My Twitter Account

delete twitter.png

You know I love me some Housewives (except for Miami, never got into that one). I'm a stalker of any gossip the involves the ladies. 

So remember last year when Teresa and Joe Giudice were on trial? I was straight up watching Twitter for real time updates. 

I wasn't on Twitter looking for business. Looking to broaden my reach. Looking to have convos about my business. I wanted the straight dope on what their sentences were gonna be. 

In fact, I signed up for my account years ago when the gurus said you had to be on all the social media channels. Of course there were only really a handful, not 86 (or whatever we're up to now). 

And I always hated Twitter. It was too schizophrenic for me. I couldn't follow conversations without getting annoyed and wanting a glass of wine and a quaalude. 

I scheduled tweets (again, like how those gurus told me to) and waited for replies to come in. Then I would get distracted and see days later that someone sent me a Tweet. Oops. I felt like an unresponsive shit because I wasn't there. Like I had left a child in the backyard for a few days while I went on with my life.

So what does Teresa have to do with this?

I like Twitter for finding real time updates. I hate conversing there. I hate feeling bad for checking in on it. Like it's one of those Tamagotchi pets I adopted and by day three it's about ready to die unless I tend to it.

The last real tweet I sent out was about Teresa and her prison sentence. Nothing to do with my business. What's the point of that? I'm spending time to auto feed tweets and I hate it. I wasn't really "present" there. And that ain't right.

My point? You don't have to be on all the social media channels if you don't wanna. I'm on Facebook and I think it's the bomb dot com for my business, but if you hate it, don't go on it. You don't have to listen to me or any one else. 

If you hate a certain social media channel, don't force it. Like a lot of things in life, if you don't like doing something (like exercising) you won't do it. My ass is proof of that. So I just eat less so I can save my calories for wine, because sweating is so yucky.

I'll be sad to see the D-List celebrities that were following me go away, but I couldn't keep up with their convos anyway ;)

Is there a social media platform you HATE? Tell me I'm not the only one who hates Twitter.