Customer Excuses For Not Buying + Other Lies


We've all heard the customer excuses for not buying or hiring us. They are usually made up because the customer can't find the right words to tell you that you just didn't convince them.

I'd love to hire you, but... 

This is the point when your prospect will give you any one of 9 million reasons why they aren't ready to hire you.  

  • I need to talk to the pope

  • Mercury is in retrograde

  • Corey Feldman hasn't #1 hit on Billboard yet

Whatever bullshit excuse they give is your opportunity to use your listening skills to seal the deal. 


The Customer Excuses For Not Buying Can Be A List, A Mile Long


What you think about the sales process is that it is slimy and not something you ever want to do. And that is precisely the moment your company begins to struggle harder than a pair of Kim Kardashian's spanks.

Tactic #1: Listen More Than Talk

During your consultation with your prospect, you need to first direct the convo and LISTEN. Too often in this world, we feel the need to fill up the world with more noise. We are afraid to leave an uncomfortable silence in a conversation.

When our prospect is talking we want to fit the entire conversation into a nicely scripted event. 

You'll ask A. They'll respond with B. You'll then say C and they'll throw their money at you like you're Blac Chyna, strippin' for dollar bills. That never happens. Unless you are Blac Chyna.

This leaves you all befuddled wondering why in the fuck you can't actually seal the deal. 

If you lead this conversation the correct way, your prospect won't be running for the hills like a serial killer is on the loose. You won't just vomit words all over the conversation later on because you will take notes while you do a bunch of listening.

Tactic #2: Be Kinda Hard To Get

Before you get on the phone with a prospect, make them fill out an application to even have the chance to talk to you. Your time is money. Show them they need to do a little bit of work on the front end. 

Make half of them open ended so they need to give you more than one-word answers. This is where you will use your Spidey senses to see the truth they don't reveal in their words.

You will be able to discern from this first hurdle that they had to hop over if they are really worth your time or a tire kicker that you should decline. 

Tactic #3: Remind Them They Came Lookin' For You

Before you hop on a call create a list of questions for the conversation. You're directing this conversation by asking the questions and you will let them know as soon as the call starts. 

After you have them answer your questions, look at your notes and you can then let them know how you can (or if you can't) solve their problem and what it will cost. 

You'll go through all of that and this is when the customer excuses for not buying will happen. No need to shit your pants when the objections show up. 

If you know that you can help them, it is now your DUTY to remind them of how they are struggling with this problem. That they came to you for a solution and you have a solution they NEED. Don't be afraid to be in this position of their cheerleader here. 

Look, you can go away meekly into the night when the first objection pops up and continue to struggle to seal the deal. Or you can use these consult calls as opportunities to seal the deal every time by holding your prospects accountable to solve THEIR problem. Remember, they CAME to you. They are interested in what you have to offer. 

If they finally decide that this isn't a fit for them that's okay, but don't be willing to lay down when the first objection comes up. Sometimes they want to be wooed. And you know you give good woo.