Creating Systems For Your Business = More Profit


Like many small business owners, creating systems and processes to be profitably productive can be hard work. Most the time it even feels confusing or downright impossible.

That's why we're going to be learning about: Batching. Batching not bitching about, your tasks will make you more money. 

If you have a habit of starting one project and then remembering you should be working on something else then you're wasting time. Time is money so it only makes sense that you should batch your tasks together to get more shit done.

The first thing I suggest you do is to document how you spend your day in 15-minute increments for an entire month. Annoying? Yes. Enlightening? Yes, times a thousand.

After you do this exercise you will see how much time you waste and possibly the tasks that you can outsource to a VA that you don't like or can be done by someone else who actually enjoys that task. 

Now you can also see the tasks that make you money and figure out how you can batch the similar tasks together to be more efficient. 

Because let's be honest, if you don't discipline yourself you're constantly reacting and not focused on your goals. This is why you'll also block out time to make sure you get the important shit done.

If it takes you 15 minutes to switch gears mentally between tasks and get focused on the new task, then batching only makes sense. 

So why wouldn't you want to batch your tasks?

You wouldn't batch your tasks because you actually believe that you can multi-task. You can't. 

It's been proven as bullshit and if you doubt me, go for a walk, chew gum, pat your head and rub your tummy. You will not be able to do it and look like a dummy as you do your special walk down the street. (If you actually do this, send me a video so I can laugh my ass off).

Batching = Systems + Processes = Make More Money

Batching saves you time and keeps you on schedule. Remember that part about discipline? When you put it on the calendar like with any other events in your life, you'll get it done. Or at first, feel super guilty about it until it becomes a new habit.

There's tons of things you can batch in your business and if you're lost on what those things could be or want a jump start on getting your processes in place... then you'll want to check out this month's Masterclass in the Society.

Become A Batching Badass

What You’ll Learn:

  • The 5 Categories Of Business Tasks You Should Start Batching Today

  • How To Streamline Your Blogging Process

  • Learn How To Implement A Strategic Process For Creating Images

  • A Game Plan On How To Make Your Newsletter Work Harder For Your Business

  • Unleash Your Business Systems That You Can Outsource

What if you could turn up your productive factor by 10X and master the art of Batching? It'll streamline your business so you can get more shit done. Are you in? Join now.