How To Create Interior Design Packages Your Clients Will Buy

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When you find the secret sauce and create interior design packages that your clients will buy, you'll both be over the freakin' moon.

You’ve figured out who your ideal client is and what problem they have. You have the solution with your interior design packages. 

First, don't make 84 interior design packages for your client to choose from. They will be confused and a confused mind doesn’t buy shit.

Sure, you can do so many different things and why would you want to limit who you can help? All I'm gonna say to that is Jack of all tradesmaster of none. 

I suggest you create three interior design packages to start with.

This really has to start with your ideal client because you are creating a solution they would pay anything for, right? You can't just make create interior design packages for the masses and expect your ideal client to buy it. 

Because you’ve already figured out whom your ideal client is (and if you haven’t you must do this) you know what problems they face. Your job is to create services to solve their problems.

Knowing your niche and what problems you’re going to solve for them makes it way easier for you to figure out how to package your services in a way that makes sense for your clients.

Create interior design packages by bundling up your talents

List our the interior design tasks that you love to do. Then think about which ones are needed to solve your client's problem. Do they need help with painting their room? Then how do you help them do that?

You may need to visit their home or ask for pictures of the home. Then you will provide them with palettes (either swatches or virtually with the paint company specs). Beyond that maybe it'd be nice to show them how their space will look once it is painted with those colors, so you add on a rendering. Then move on to the next package starting with these deliverables as the basis for your next package. 

When you create interior design packages, think of them as:

  • Package 1 – Most Expensive

  • Package 2 – In Between Price

  • Package 3 – Least Expensive

Package 1 is your super awesome, most expensive package and priced 40% more than your Package 3. This is the package where you could pull out all the stops. Maybe you have a party catered at their home to show it off to all of their friends. You can get creative here so you stand out from the "competition". Of course, remember to add that into your cost to cover it. Whatever you can dream to offer in this package that will make your clients gush over you is what you want it to have.

Package 2 is meeting most client’s requirements and priced 20% more than your Package 3. Placing Package 2 right next to your premium offer will help your clients get a clearer picture of the value. It includes all of Package 3 services plus some more. This is the package that you want most of your clients to buy. 

Package 3 is supposed to be below your client's budget and now a total bargain compared to the other two packages. This is your basic package of services. It should be basic.

How ever you decide to create interior design packages just make sure your offer is crystal clear so that your clients gush over you and whip out their credit cards. If they don't understand what they result will look like for them, they aren't going to be hiring you. 

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