How To Create An Email Opt In That Gets You Clients


You need an email list but you can't figure out what in the world people would want from you, right? What could possibly make them want to hand over their precious email addy?

Okay, first - this will be trial and error. You could create one thing and then no one likes it. So you go and create another thing. As with all things in business, one formula doesn't work for everyone.

Second, you need to think about what is really going to help your peeps. And by peeps I do mean the people who you want to buy from you. Not your designer BFFs. Your client folks.

Email Opt-In Ideas That Work

  • What do people ask you about all the time?

  • What is the thing you solve for your clients?

  • What's the most popular blog post on your website?

So maybe that means...

  • Combine your most popular blog posts into an eBook.

  • Or put your flag in the sand and declare what the BEST paint color in the world to sell your home faster is.

  • Or create some images of the 3 Best layouts for your living room that won't have you tripping over fucking toys anymore.

  • Or share the average cost for furnishing the rooms of their home.

  • Or how to pick out furniture that won't fall apart in a year.

  • Or the top ten signs that your contractor is a fuck-up.

What Makes It A Email Opt-In That Works?

It's made just for your dream peeps, it's gots lots of good information (those 1 page white papers are sooo 2009), and people get that jizzworthy shit instantly (for FREE!).

Create A Email Opt-In That Works

You can use Canva, it's free to make a pretty image or document and save it into a PDF for download. 

Then set it up in your newsletter dealy bobber - you know, MailChimp... etc.

Get to work & Share It!

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