Why All The Best Interior Design Business Advice Doesn’t Work


Because you do jack shit with all the interior design business advice you consume.

You bought the one course and nothing happened. So what did you do?

You bought another course. And nothing happened.

You know why nothing happened? Because you were buying the result. When you buy the course, you're buying a result but you're not putting in the work.

You have to take the information and put in the work.

That means you've wasted all that time doing jack shit. Dreaming and ruminating over the ideas. 

You need to take action on ideas.

If you are buying ideas and do nothing with them you won't get results. 

Seriously, you could read every blog post I have written since late 2012 and start your interior design business from all the information I've shared through the years. But you probably won't. 

You want to make it simple, but you have to put in the work.

Alycia Wicker

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