Want A Thriving Business? Choose Who To Lose


This is your time to choose who to lose.

You already know that you can't land everyone on this planet as a client and trying to do so is foolish.

You already know that even if you could attract the attention of "everyone" that you're not meant to work with everyone.

Knowing that, it's simply a choice you need to make in your mind that you will CHOOSE who to LOSE.

You don't need to try to please everyone.

You don't need to act a certain way for everyone.

You don't need to speak politely for everyone.

You don't need to do what they think you should do.

You CHOOSE today that you will LIVE your purpose because (even if we secretly wished that it would be possible to woo everyone) you CANNOT and SHOULD NOT appeal to everyone.

You will get the success when you choose to let go of this silly notion.

You are here to be an inspiration to a very select group of people. A group of your choosing. 

So will you choose who to lose today OR will you continue to pussyfoot around the idea that you could actually appeal to everyone?