Let Go Of The Poverty Mindset


Quit crying about how you don't have enough money to grow your business.

You want to have this interior design business that you've always dreamed of but you don't want to spend one red cent until someone else proves to you that this is a business you can be a success at.

Guess what?

No one can guarantee your success. You have to go out and get some for yourself.

You want clients to invest in design services from you?

When I first started my interior design business I didn't have one dime to invest in my business. I didn't want to get a business loan and have to repay it if I couldn't make a go of it. I needed to rely completely on myself, my wits and how hard I could hustle. That meant that I had to make some money sooner rather than later so I could get the tools I knew would put me on the path to real success, in the meantime I used what I had.

I had a word processing program, a fan deck from Dunn-Edwards and a website that my husband helped me put together.

I started selling paint color palettes. They were easy enough to put together with my word processing program - while they weren't as pretty as I would like them to be, they did the job.

But you won't even invest in yourself.

You got to make some money and then set it aside to invest in your business. You can't just take every dollar you make and give it to yourself - you should be constantly investing those profits back into your business. If you spend it faster than you can make it there's a problem.

The majority of the money I make goes right back into my business.

Stop crying the "I don't have any money blues"!

I get it, but you need to make some money. Start researching free tools that you can use today to help you invest in the tools you really want to be using. But know that these free tools won't produce the results you eventually want. It will take you ten times longer to do anything and won't do everything you want them to do.

Go make some.

When you find some tools to use to start making money in your interior design business it's up to you to sell the services. You have to market your ass off and sell your services like there is no tomorrow.

If you don't feel the fire under your butt you'll never feel the urgency to succeed.

Then make a plan to invest in your business.

Once I started bringing in money, then I started the process of researching the tools I would need to provide the services I wanted. I decided that I didn't want my design services to look like everything else out there, so I took a good long hard look at Studio by Minutes Matter. Back then they didn't even have the awesome subscription service, so I bought the entire package. It wasn't cheap - but I made my money back in a month.

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