This Is Why Your Business Is Not Making Money


The good news: If you're reading this looking for the exact reason your business isn't making money, you're in the right place.

The bad news: You're not gonna like the answer.

You are not doing the work.

You might think you are, but you're really not. If you were taking action you would know exactly what the next step is. Except you're sitting there collecting information, strategies, ideas and not doing a damn thing with them. 

You can absorb all of the information in the world and if you don't do a damn thing with it, what is the actual fucking point?

You haven't fallen in love with the process of building your business. Falling in love with the process means you have to be willing to take action and be willing to fail. When you fail, you learn.

You have no choice in what happens in life. Let go of the outcome and the fear. 

Take a step back to square one. Go through one aspect of your business and analyze what the data is telling you. Are you getting traffic to your website? When they come to your website, do they sign up for your list? When they sign up for your list, do they buy?

You need to figure out where the problem is happening, but that means you need to stop fucking around listening and absorbing information and just do the work.

Business is about experimenting in a controlled way. Test one thing, measure the results and make it better. With every aspect of your business.

You can sit there and lie to yourself about how business should be so easy because all of the fake bullshit entrepreneurs sell you unicorns manifesting glitter. It's bullshit. Here's the secret.


You will never know what the right thing to do is. You have to try it and see if it works. There is no other way.