Don't Let Fear Be Your God

If you're running your business with a healthy side of fear of failing, you will fail.

Fear doesn't serve you. If you're trying to follow a formula because you're scared you're not good enough, it's not gonna work. This is what you should do.

Don't fit in.

When you fit in and do shit their way, you don't get noticed.

Perfect example? Madonna. Always doing shit her own way and not giving one fuck what anyone thinks. 

Back in the day, it was all the guffaws about her and the controversies she stirred up everywhere she went.


Or stay shy, fit in with the rest of society and end up never being kick ass.

I don't say that lightly or to be a dick. 

For anyone who wants to blame a saturated market or a shitty economy, they won't get it. For you smarty pants, you know I'm right. Don't follow the rules and don't stay quiet. 

Say what you feel and give zero fucks about how they'll react. Don't follow a formula without adding YOU into the equation.

They'll say you changed and you can be proud of that.