10 Things You Think You Understand About Blogging But You Really Don't


#1: Blogging Is a Waste of Time.

Depending on who you speak to some people will tell you that blogging is a complete waste of time. Instead if you look at blogging as not being a chore but something that allows you to communicate with your audience in a way that they can get a more complete picture of who you are as a person it will help to bring in more clients. Business is built on relationship so you might as well let your website do some of the talking for you.

#2: Blogging Is Hard.

Blogging doesn't have to be any harder than any other form of writing you do. If you can write an email to your friend, you can write a blog post. Your blog post doesn't have to be a certain length and you're not being graded upon it by a professor.

Use your blog to share your voice with the world. The more practice you have with writing, the better you'll get at it and be able to write quicker each and every time.

#3: Blogging Means More Traffic.

Just because you write a blog post doesn't mean everybody in the world knows you posted something on your website. Writing a blog post is just the first step.

A blog post that is optimized will bring more traffic to your website, it’s then your job to make sure that blog post converts.

Also you need to make sure that you share a blog post with the world through your social media outlets and your newsletter.

#4:  Blogging Is Boring.

You shouldn’t write about things that bore you.  if they bore you they will bore your audience.

If you're obsessed with celebrities as much as you are with interior design, then why not write a blog post tying those two together? If your obsessed with fashion and Interiors right blog post that talk to that. You'll find out when you can connect one of your hobbies, that's not related to interior design,  into your blog post that it can make the process easier.

#5: You Don't Need a Blog.

Oh yes you do my friend. besides allowing your readers and potential clients to connect with you on your blog you are also building authority on your website by adding this invaluable content that is related to what you do as a business.

#6: Blogging Won't Help My Business.

If you're not plugging correctly you're correct it won't help your business. if you want your blogging to help your bottom line focus on your clients and writing things to them that they would be interested in Reading.

By no means does this mean that once you write one blog post you will be immediately famous and have a waiting list of clients out the door. as with the entire sales process it takes time.

#7: Everybody Has Said Everything.

It doesn't matter is Joan wrote about white paint colors yesterday because you and Joan don't share a brain. Your blog post is your opportunity to share your unique point of view on design and trends.  Don't forget that there is also new products new trends coming out everyday in the industry that you have an opportunity to share your expertise and opinion on with your readers.

#8: My Blog Needs A Name

You Don't Need to Name Your Blog. What's more important about you and your design business is not what it's called but what you do for people.

When you write blog posts that inspires or entertains your readers all they're going to be doing is sharing the URL to your website along with your name.

#9: Blogs Are Pointless.  

Blogging will help you be able to educate your audience about what you do and who you do it for. It allows you to build your Authority as the go-to designer and so you know your stuff.

#10 Writing a Blog Post Takes Forever.

Writing a blog post doesn't have to take forever. I suggest you keep a running list of topics and ideas that you have that you can always refer to when it's time for another blog post.

Also you could try using Google Docs and using the dictation function to get your ideas down. Then you can copy and paste that right into your blog post and publish that baby!

TIP! Using the Chrome browser, open up a Google doc. Then: Click Tools > Voice typing

Business Blogging Mistake Bonus!

Don't wait to learn how to write blog posts for your website. With each and every post you're growing your authority, connecting with peeps and starting the sales convo.

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