5 Key Things You Need To Know About Starting An Email List


As an interior designer there are just things you should do. Like start building an email list of people who love your creative business.

Why should you start building an email list?

You might think that you can skate by with a Facebook page, a Twitter account and that should be enough. Well if wishes were horses... well you get it. Facebook and Twitter are not the perfect way for you to consistently talk with your peeps. Just like how you aren't on Facebook or Twitter all the time, neither are your fans.

AND even more importantly, when Facebook decides not to show shit to your fans because they don't wanna, how are you going to get a hold of your fans? A problem, indeed.

When you start building an email list you're also going to start a relationship with your peeps. That's why you need to create an email list for them to subscribe to.

Most of your prospects aren't going to buy from you when they first meet you. You could be some crazy person. You know, like a crazy scam artist (we know you're not, but your prospects? They don't know you at all)? 

Building an email list is something you will continue to do and it will also continue to grow your business' bottom line. They go hand in hand. You make new friends, your wallet gets new dollar bills in it.

If you're not quite sure how to get started with building an email list, let's make this simple.

1. Cost: Mailerlite is free up to 1,000 subscribers. And you get all the functionality :)

2. Ease of Use: I definitely would go with Mailerlite for beginners. Mailerlite has some super cool auto responder features and they have a free plan to get started.

3. Templates: You don't need a pretty template. In fact, sometimes people turn off the images in their emails. Especially if they are on their smartphone all the time. Hello, data use! But if you want a done-for-you template Mailerlite has 'em.

4. Integrating with Your Website: It's easy as pie to create a landing page or a form with Mailerlite. No dorky tech dude needed.

5. Autoresponders: I think they are crucial, and with Mailerlite you can set conditions. Like they didn't open your email? Send it again. They clicked on a certain link? Send them an email related to the action they took. Nice!

WTF is an autoresponder? You'd find it useful because you can set up automatic emails to go out to your subscribers when they sign up. Like your freebie giveaway, your best blog posts and warm them up for a sale - all automagically. But I know that's not the first thing on your mind when you're starting to build an email list.

If it was me deciding for you I'd go with Mailerlite. Yes, Mailerlite is free and you won't outgrow it. Win Win!