Build Your Interior Design Business By: Following Your Bliss

build interior design business

You: How do I build my interior design business?

Me: Follow your bliss

You: Bitch, please.

Oh, you don't believe me? Let's walk down this path and see if it really makes sense.

You became an interior designer because it was the only thing you could imagine doing for the rest of your life. You buy the decorating magazines like Architectural Digest not because you want to impress guests, but for the fact that design turns you on. Rawr!

So you start an interior design business from the ground up. Maybe you're still working for the man, and doing it as a side hustle. Either way, you want to eventually wake up every day, bolt out of bed and be ready to set the world on fire with your awesome designs.

I've been there

I love interior design and drool over hot interiors. I appreciate a designer when they have an eye for design and tell a story within a space. I practically have the big "O" when I enter a model home or hotel that takes my breath away.

But digging interior design doesn't build a business.

When you start to build an interior design (or any business) for that matter, there are so many working pieces that you need to constantly be implementing and that can make you confused and overwhelmed when you get to the part of sharing your business. Which is all sales and marketing are about.

Maybe you're in the wrong business?

Realizing that if you aren’t happy with your business it’s a big sign that you aren’t doing what you should be doing. And it appears to be like such a ‘duh’ thing, but you know. People get stuck in shit soup and after awhile they don’t smell the shit anymore. They get used to it.

Confusing overwhelm for unhappiness

Now, I certainly don't want you to throw in the towel because building an interior design business is hard. It is something you can't neglect and must regularly nurture, so if you're just frustrated because you don't know how to build your interior design business, let's figure it out.

But if you hate dealing with clients, marketing your business and hate working on you business every day and you feel like you just got sentenced to 'interior designer jail', then maybe it's time to say eff it.

Is it bliss?

When you can't wait to wake up,

When you have more ideas than hours in the day,

When you are so excited about everything,

When you giggle to yourself because of where your business is going,

THAT'S when you know you're following your bliss all while you build your interior design business.

Maybe you just lost your way? You can get it back. I can help.

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Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.