Branding Your Interior Design Business - The Truth

When I started my design business I had no clue about branding (making shit pretty).


From the design packages I was sending clients to the free eBook I had created to build my email list.

I sucked at design. The shit I created was horrid to me looking back on it now, but at the time I thought it was good.

The thing about it all was that if I didn't start somewhere, where would I be now?

Just today, someone in our community asked about seeing my interior design portfolio. I went to check it out and add some more images to it.

I wanted to hide in a corner and cry.

I look back at the work I was putting out and wanted to wretch. I mean I felt so inferior.

I had all these thoughts of just deleting the images, running away to a park with a bottle of wine listening to Led Zeppelin.

While looking through old images of things I created, I found a free eBook cover I created for my interior design business... holy eff!


SMH that's fugly!

Today I shared a guide that Society members receive joining. Night and day.


If you didn't know better, you might think that I hired a professional graphic designer to make this one. But I can proudly I say - I did this.

What a difference some self-edumacation makes, huh?

The reason I share this with you today is that I once was on a desperate quest to create a brand for myself. Everything I knew about branding was limited. I don't think I'm a dense person but I just wasn't getting it.

I do have thoughts (albeit delusional) of taking all my past work down and recreating it. But then I thought well that's kinda of dumb because then I couldn't use myself as a case study to prove you can totally learn how to do this yourself if I can do it.

There are basic principles to graphic design as there are to interior design, but being an interior designer doesn't mean you're a graphic designer.

Good news is you can do it, elevate your website and charge more money.

If you want to learn how to create a website for your business that presents you as the kick-ass designer that you are, check out the Design Your Website course. It will help you get started designing your interior design website with graphics that mean money in the bank.