The 7 Best Wordpress Themes For Interior Designers


If your website is on Wordpress you've probably been looking forever and a day to find a theme that is pretty, functional and way better looking than the free themes.

You're in luck! Here are the 7 best Wordpress themes for your interior designer website.

Oh, and they are all responsive which is a must. Meaning they will look good on a desktop, good on a phone, good on a tablet, good on everything all without you having to get some nerd involved. Whoop!! 

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#1 Best Wordpress Themes For Interior Designers: Dorothy

***UPDATE 2017*** This theme is muerto

I like Dorothy because you can help guide your website visitors by only giving them three choices here on the home page. Direct their journey on your website with visuals that are processed 60,000 times faster than the words in your navigation bar.

#2 Best Wordpress Themes For Interior Designers: Marilyn

I heart me some Marilyn because of list building in right up there at the top. Building your email list is one of the most important things you can do and it's designed right there for ya.

#3 Best Wordpress Themes For Interior Designers: Olyvie

I did Olyvie's layout which allows you to have a slider up top that you can use to direct your visitors to where you want them to go. Under this slider, you've got your email list signup form followed by your blog posts.

#4 Best Wordpress Themes For Interior Designers: Jacqueline

Jacqueline gets the list building task right there on top of the website. Followed by a slider and your blog posts underneath.  

#5 Best Wordpress Themes For Interior Designers: Fun

Fun is totally fun! There's so many possibilities with this theme. I think this would be perfect for those designers who are also building a lifestyle brand. *Note: This requires the Genesis Framework because this is a Child Theme.

#6 Best Wordpress Themes For Interior Designers: Swank

Swank is perfect and shown as an interior designer website. Show off your design work up top and direct your peeps to where they need to go on your website. *Note: This requires the Genesis Framework because this is a Child Theme.

#7 Best Wordpress Themes For Interior Designers: Oleander

The Oleander layout is great for showcasing your design work and having that kick-ass headline on top of the image. Then below you can direct them to other areas of your website. Lastly followed by your post posts.

Here's the last lil bit you need to know about Wordpress themes. Know that the theme doesn't come looking like it does on the website instantly... some assembly required. Make sure you set aside some time (like an hour or two) to install your theme. 

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