The 5 Best Interior Design Blog Lies You Actually Believe

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Maybe you think that you'll never have the BEST interior design blog, so why even bother? I mean there's like a bazillion interior design blogs out there and it's not like we need another one. Wrong!

We need more awesome interior design blogs. There are a lot of boring ass blogs out there. And beyond the blog, it helps you get clients. True.

Yours shall be the best interior design blog in the whole wide world - if you don't fall for these lies. These dirty, no good lies.

Lie #1 You Fall For: I can blog whenever I wanna.

Um, no. You can't. You have to blog consistently. Yes, it's a pain in the ass. Yes, it takes time. Yes, Google is watching. But the rewards are huge!

This is how your clients are going to find you and more than that - get to know you. You know what they think when they come to your website and see your last blog post was written 2 years ago? You've died. Or your business did.

Take the time to come up with 10 really great interior design blog posts that your dream clients want to read. Write them relating to your design services so you can place a CTA (call to action) at the end of the post and direct them to your service page.

Lie #2 You Fall For: SEO is for nerds.

SEO (search engine optimization), while totally nerdy, is muy importante. BUT you can't optimize a blog post for a term that no one is searching for. That's pointless.

Just because you write a blog post for "baby nursery decor tricks" and optimize the shit out of it doesn't mean you did a good job on your SEO.

Think about if you and your BFF Mr. Google were having a chat. Would you ask him: "Baby nursery decor tricks?" No, no you would not. That doesn't make sense unless you always talk in weird alien language.

If you're a nursery interior designer, start your keyword search off with how your client would look for help decorating their nursery. I've got a video course to help you do this if you want to become an SEO master nerd. I'll show you how inside the Society.

Lie #3 You Fall For: I can use pics from Google.

No, you can not do this. Unless you like getting sued. Read this cautionary tale.

And sadly I've heard of leaders in our industry saying that you can do it anyway and then find a lawyer to send off a letter  to make the problem go away because it's just a money grab thing.

Don't do this ever. Buy images or take your own photos. Just don't let getting images for your blog be a stumbling block. Get to writing even if you don't have a picture.

Lie #4 You Fall For: It's totally optional.

It's not optional. I don't care if your design business is local or online. Clients are starting their search for help online with a search engine. If you're not coming up on the front page you're not making the money you deserve because your clients can't find you.

You must blog, make sure it's optimized for the right keywords for your business and do it consistently. And not be boring... which is #5.

Lie #5 You Fall For: I can write it sans personality.

My first blog posts were horrible. They were clinical. Here's just one sentence I found I had used in a post about MCM decorating:

Basic pottery and dinnerware fills the gap. Get some solid color pottery to place around your room. It is artful and has a purpose. You can make your own still life display.

Can you say that's totes not how I talk?! #dorkass

While I found my voice shortly after I know it's hard to go from "I'm a cool person" to writing like a cool person.

Clients want to hire people who are cool, cool like them. You can do this, Fonzie. If you need to get comfortable with sharing your personality online, do some practice writing - but as if you're sending an email to your friend. Emails are always more personal than blog posts start out as.

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.