Best Interior Design Apps + Software To Run Your Business

best interior design apps

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Best Interior Design Apps + Software

  • Studio by Minutes Matters | This is one the best interior design apps that I can't get enough of. The designs look super cute and ultra professional. Studio allows you to overcome communication barriers, save cost, reduce fabrication errors, promote your company, and basically impress everyone you’re around. I've also written a blog post on this interior design software because it's simply so damn cute.

  • Home Designer 2018 | The software I use in my course Create eDesign Presentations + Packages

  • Mydoma Studio | Online mood board, shopping list and project collaboration just for interior design professionals.

  • Designfiles | Online mood board, shopping list and project collaboration for interior designers, too.

  • Floor Planner | Create floor plans

Social Media

  • Buffer | Great tool to post to a bunch of social media platforms.

  • Post Planner | To make it easy for me to schedule and find new things to post on my Facebook page.

  • Hootsuite | Keep track of Twitter conversations, mentions and messages with Streams

  • Share As Image | Find text on the web, quotes you love, highlight and click your Share As Image bookmarklet to create a cute image on your social networks. You can include your logo, too.

Best Interior Design Apps For Staying Organized

  • Trello | Online Project management that's awesome

  • Pocket | Find stuff on the web to read later, save it with their bookmarklet

  • Screencast-O-Matic | What I use to record my videos of me teaching straight from my desktop

  • AllTop | Interior Design Blogs curated in one spot Tip: Add your blog feed for more traffic.

  • LastPass | Keep track of all those passwords

  • Blog Title Generator | Type in your topic and find intriguing blog titles to use

  • Evernote | Keep track of every piece you source in your design projects

  • Moo | I just love their mini business cards

  • Zoom | Host video meetings, conference calls and record them from inside this easy to use service.

  • Fiverr | Need a quick job done dirt cheap? From graphic design to transcription, there’s lots of help there

Books You'll Love

Graphics & Pics

Website + Wordpress Stuff  

  • Bluehost | Been a customer many, many years. Pretty good place to get your domains at and to host your Wordpress website.

  • Squarespace | Hands down, the easiest way to design a beautiful website.

  • Backup Buddy | A must for your WordPress website if your host doesn’t do it automatically for you. (WordPress Only)

  • Mailerlite | It's easy to use and you can try free.

  • SendOwl | I have used SendOwl to get paid for my services and digital products. The money goes straight into my account, it’s way easy to use.

  • JetPack | Easy to understand stats and a few other goodies (WordPress Only)

  • WPCurve | For just $79 (at the time of this writing) they will do unlimited small tweaks on your Wordpress website.

  • Sumome | Awesome tools to grow your email list easily on your website and also see what people are really doing on your website.

  • Gravity Forms | This was one of the best investments we have ever made. Use it for your client questionnaires, contact forms, any type of form that you want to look super awesome! (WordPress Only)

  • OptIn Forms | Create email list opt in boxes for the bottom of every page and post.

  • Tweet Old Post | Get more life out of those old blog posts, this automatically tweets out old blog posts for you (WordPress Only)

  • Shareaholic | Cool sharing and related post plugin all in one

  • Testimonials | Share your glowing testimonials from your clients that rotate to show the next automatically (WordPress Only)


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