Why You Should Write More

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I'm going to pull out a very unscientific figure right now about your thoughts on blogging. You hate it with a passion and resist doing it on a regular basis because you: 

  • don't think you're a good writer

  • don't have a damn thing to talk about

  • someone else probably knows more

  • no one reads your blog anyway

  • video is where it's at

  • writing is for the Salinger's of the world

To all of that, I say Hey! Look at this former high school English honors student butchering grammar rules at every turn! 

While I don't follow many rules when it comes to writing because to me it's about getting the message out and to you, I know it annoys people to no end. They love to find mistakes and criticize me. And for every five of those stupid emails that I receive the sender gets a middle finger in response. 

Look, you may not think that you don't have anything important to share or that your writing sucks. There are some people who are on the NYT Best Sellers list that I think are complete morons. I've read some of those books that everyone said I had to read like "50 Shades Of Grey" and felt my IQ drop. If we're being honest, that book was pretty bogey.

The thing about writing is that while you may hit a few bumps in the road as you make it a regular habit, you're going to find that the benefits are pretty awesome for your business and soul.

You Discover Your Style

When I started blogging almost a decade ago I was straight up Mr. Roboto in my writing style. For some reason, I believed that every blog post was an essay for school. On top of that, I thought that I needed an image to illustrate every point I was touching on. And back then finding any decent stock interior design photos was impossible. 

The sad thing about my early blogging attempts is that I didn't talk like an actual robot with other people. Neither do you. But writing like a robot or for a professor is usually how we start out when it comes to blogging and if you give up too soon it makes it impossible for you to find out what your writing style is.

You Learn

I couldn't count the number of times I've changed my thinking about something. There were times where I had certain notions about interior design and to deviate from that line of thought was absurd. Now, I'm thinking a different way. Yeah, it's been a decade so you do change your thoughts and opinions with age, but writing them down has allowed me to explore why I held onto certain beliefs and why they needed to be challenged. When you document your opinions you give yourself the opportunity to go back and change your mind.

More Words

Writing has allowed me to grow my lexicon. See? Big word I didn't know before I started blogging regularly. Now, there are places where I'm a lazy writer and could use some more descriptive language, but let's face it. You're not coming here for superior literature. But, I've had to learn some new words when the ones I already knew didn't work. Plus, we're living in a world of emoticons and acronyms, which to me, is rather soulless and superficial. Words mean something so why not use them and learn some new ones?

Not Everything Is For Public Consumption

Not everything I write makes it onto this blog. Sometimes I write for myself to get something off my chest. Sometimes I start writing something that I intend to share here but end up scrapping it because I don't feel it's the right time to share. Sometimes I start writing something that I think is super important only to flesh out the idea and find it's kinda dumb.

Writing just for your business can be a drain. Try writing for yourself. Maybe it's a gratitude journal, a goal journal or maybe a dream journal. Whatever it is, writing is good for your business and soul. 

Take your interior design business from hot mess to hotness.