Beginner Crystals For Business Owners

Beginner Crystals For Business Owners

Here's the list of the beginner crystals I'd suggest you get to help with getting in tune with your business goals...


Beginner Crystals For Business Owners: Clear Quartz

Used in our electronics all the time, this is a crystal known as the Master Healer. If you only had enough dough for one crystal, this would be the one to get.

Said to also bring clarity to your communication skills and thinking. 

Beginner Crystals For Business Owners: Amethyst

This is known as the Artist's stone and known to be an all-around awesome crystal. Also in the Quartz family. 

It's said to cleanse the negative vibes near you and help keep you on an even keel.

Beginner Crystals For Business Owners: Citrine

Known as the Merchant's Stone and a yellow variety of the Clear Quartz. Our yellowish crystal that brings so much goodness with it! It is the stone of imagination, success and prosperity. 

Most natural Citrine is light or pale yellow. 

And it is always by my side, whether it is in my pocket or in my purse. 


Boring Ass Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor or anyone who is actually here to tell you that these crystals are going to make you a rich-ass mofo. I'm here sharing my opinions on how I like to use crystals personally. It goes without saying, but since it's a disclaimer, I have to say that nothing replaces hard work. 

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in online marketing strategies.Her clients land more of their own dream clients and make more cash, period. Celebrity gossip whore. Elvis-obsessed.