A Letter To Myself, Before I Became An Entrepreneur


Dear Alycia,

There are soooo many things that could go totally wrong. But you need to know that you can totally do this.

You will encounter people who don't see your value. Run far away from them.

You will have tech problems. Hire someone who knows how to do fix it and have a glass of wine. 

Your income, at first, will be unstable. It won't be this way forever.

You will question yourself and seek guidance from "gurus". A shit ton of them are winging it and rarely share the knowledge you're really seeking (even when you pay for it). Research them.

You will have sleepless nights over someone who mindlessly said you aren't good enough. Don't let them live rent free in your head. They're an asshole. 

You will have to make hard decisions. Do it quickly, just like when you rip a band-aid off. 

You will get into a creative rut. Go for a walk, hang out with friends, take a break.

You will leave money on the table. You'll catch on and stop doing that.

You will have clients who are rude. Forgive their stupidity.

You will find people who want to use you. Let it happen once, then don't ever let it happen again.

You're going to improve every day, no doubt about it.

You will wish that you could zoom to success. Don't. Enjoy the ride.

You are going to meet some really awesome people at the perfect time. Cherish them.

You are going to cry. It's okay, it doesn't mean you're weak.

You are going to want to rain down a storm of shit on someone who fucks you over. Stop and breathe. Don't respond right away. Think on it, then respond.

You are going to waste shit tons of money. It's not really a waste because you are learning something. Yes, it will still suck.

You will think others are killing it online and rolling around naked on their bed of money. They aren't, they are just posers. 

You will think that others have more talent or luck. They don't, you can do this. 

Mean people will tell you that your qualifications don't matter/ aren't good enough/ etc. Don't care about what they think.

Then one day, everything will get really clear. Just like when the storm clouds part and you see the sunshine. 

You'll really know who your client is, what you do for them and why you are the only person they should work with. You'll gain the confidence in yourself to know that you are good enough. You will succeed. You'll just get it and be able to chill out. But not for too long.

You'll finally have a steady income that takes a lot of the worry out of life. You'll set goals, meet them and pass them.  

You'll also discover why lots of people go out of business, but don't follow them. You have a gift to share and if you give up a lot of people are gonna be sad.

Being an entrepreneur is hard, and you can't stop hustling. It gets easier, but the hustle never stops. But you wouldn't want it to, anyway.


Your Future

This letter is to you and me.