Warning: Be Yourself In Business


You take the criticism from others whether it’s a passive aggressive remark, a back handed compliment or a straight up insult and you internalize that shit. You know? And that is literally fucked up.

I mean, you'd be so much better, if only you...

  • Didn’t have brown hair.

  • Could talk six languages.

  • Voted for my candidate.

  • Didn’t have such a crooked nose.

  • Were taller and skinnier.

  • You charged less.

  • Had a perfect complexion.

  • Had violet eyes.

  • Didn’t wear those types of shoes.

  • Didn’t use profanity.

  • You could prove yourself in another way.

  • Were more like that other designer.

  • Had a certification from that place.

We are more likely to believe the crap people say to us and about us instead of believing in ourselves first. You are your harshest critic already and then on top of it to have some dicko carelessly insult you? That’s gotta stop.

Instead, hand back that little turd of an assumption made by someone else and keep on going.

I didn’t start my business so I could appeal to everyone. Neither did you.

People will want you to be more of whatever for THEM. Let them want.

They can search this big ol’ planet and not find someone as special as you are anywhere else. And that feels really good :)