Stop Shitting Yourself + Be Brave

be brave

If I click the "Submit" button people will know I exist. I started to get panicky about clicking the button.

The thoughts started to race through my mind like a high speed train out of control and headed for a date with the track that ends on a cliff.

It meant people would know my real thoughts. It would mean the person I was reviewing would know if I didn't think their stuff was too hot. It would mean they could seek me out and have me killed. It would mean that other people would be reading my thoughts and judging me. It would mean I couldn't be anonymous anymore. It would mean I would be open to criticism. It would mean I could hide anymore. It could mean that someone could disagree with me and call me out to defend myself.

It would mean I had to be me, online. I'd have to be brave.

Talk about a shitty way to live. Scared of what could happen by simply leaving a review. A review for dog treats, or whatever silly thing it was. It's not like I was reviewing someone's open heart surgery technique. It was a rather dumb thing, but when Amazon asked me what I thought, I felt like this was my do or die moment.

Hide behind the computer. Only be real to those flesh and bone people I encounter every day.

Excuse the phrase, but I was being a pussy.

It was at that moment that I decided I wasn't going to hide anymore. That my voice deserved to be heard. That I mattered.

And so do you.

A lot of us go into creating our business and want to hide behind the website. Create a vanilla blog and hope that turns into clients.

It won't.

You see, when you don't shout from the rooftops who your are, what you stand for, who you actually want to work for you are paralyzed by fear and denying yourself the ability to achieve the dreams you don't even share with your BFF.

Hiding is for pussies. Being vanilla is for pussies. You're gonna be brave.

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” ― Dita Von Teese

But, if we don't even get to see you, like really see you, then what you think you are doing to build your business is for nothing. You might as well close up shop.

If you don't think you're awesome enough to design for someone else, shut it down.

If you know you have talent, but all that business shit scares you, shut it down.

If you think success isn't for you but for that other designer, shut it down.

Really? Is that how this is all gonna end?

No way.

You are going to do this. You are going to be heard. You are going to share your creativity. You are going to be the one person in the world that your client has been dying to work with.

You are going to be brave.

Choose success today. Not someday, today.

If you're ready to choose success, congratulations.

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.