My Astrology Business Brand Awakening

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If you’ve been following me for years, then you are very aware of all the changes my brand has gone through. It's like watching the Kardashians evolve from all of their plastic surgeries. One thing I have in common with Kylie Jenner is that my brand doesn’t look like it used to, and she doesn’t look like 2010 Kylie.

While a brand is a promise of an experience, and I’ve never pretended to be something that I’m not * cough * we know some people like that, don’t we? * cough *. When you work with me either 1-on-1 or in the Society, you get me… curse words and all.

But that is not all of me.

It didn’t help that my multiple efforts to rebrand were copied by others. Like, I get it, but damn… give it a minute to breathe because we all yearn to be ourselves and when a copycat gets a hold of your shit? Annoying.

It can be hard to DIY your own brand because it is like trying to see the forest through the trees. You sorta know what your brand is about, but if you’re not fully self-aware you’re going to struggle to present all the things your brand is meant to be.

There I was, having the internal branding fight going on within. I refused to fit in with the majority of the interior design industry in any capacity. And this led me to unintentionally identifying with the Outlaw archetype.

I liked the visuals, but they weren’t fully me but a part of who I was willing to share with the world. The words, all me, but the context, not so much. I'll get to that in a bit.

astrology business brand details, before

Here’s why that brand didn’t work for me:

  • “Kickass” wasn’t a phrase that I used very often in my real life (but a lot of other people started using it).

  • Messaging about helping interior designers “get clients who want what you have,” like what does that even mean?

  • The barbie girl with the masquerade ball glasses? GTFO.

  • I do curse all the time, like all the fucking time, but that was the biggest part of my brand that people would cling to, for better or worse.

  • The logo font starting showing up on a bunch of designer’s websites.

  • The blog images didn’t vibe with the barbie girl above.

  • The tagline “Kickass Online Marketing For Interior Designers”… well, it’s part of what I do, but not really expressing all that I do.

And at some point, I felt like I was pushing myself into the corner where I’d be doomed to talk about online marketing for the rest of my years. And seriously, that shit gets old… especially when the tactics and strategies change every five minutes with no true reward for playing that game.

I didn’t want to research the latest tricks on how to get reach on Facebook (which I think is the devil). I could give two shits about Instagram. And anytime someone brought up the cool new thing everyone else was doing? I just sat over here in my mausoleum like I’m gonna nope my ass out of that one.

When it comes down to online marketing, I’m a lazy bitch. I SEO my content on this website and I use Pinterest. It’s easy, I can almost set it and forget it.

The most important thing that has consistently brought me clients is my blog content. My voice clicks with my people because I speak the truth, but the topics started to feel like “Groundhog’s Day” where I felt like I was saying the same shit over and over. I couldn’t find excitement in it anymore. It was an empty pursuit for my soul. Like no one is going to give two shits about how many followers or likes your post had when you get to the other side.

I found myself at a fork in the road. Either the rest of my working years would be spent chasing the changes in online marketing or maybe I should throw in the towel? But this fork in the road had another option. I could start sharing the information that I was learning behind the scenes with my tribe. The stuff that I wasn’t sure anyone else was interested in but figured fuck it, let’s see what happens.

“If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders. - Vi Keeland

astrology business brand after

Three years ago, I started studying crystals seriously. I have always been a lover of rocks and as I was delving deeper into spirituality, energy, even the paranormal… I found myself. This is where my mind wandered when I had to write another post on online marketing.

I wondered why I couldn’t bring this to my business… because if we’re all being honest, the vapid, superficialness of interior design makes us roll our eyes. We don’t care about the trends or 97% of the HGTV shows.

There is something deeper to interior design that the mainstream didn’t address: how interior design can help our clients get back into a state of balance, change the energy in their home and transform their lives. And that’s when I had my light bulb moment (because I refuse to say Oprah’s “A-ha moment” because she bugs the crap out of me).

How Astrology Changed My Brand

I started last year blogging about crystals, here and there just dipping my toe in to test the waters. I didn’t get flack, so that was a good thing. The more that I started opening up, the better I felt and received so many messages from my community thanking me for bringing up topics that they were interested in, too.

Then I stumbled upon astrology. As I dug into my birth chart my eyes about popped out of my head because everything I knew to be true about myself was in my chart. Things that I felt were minor footnotes in my life were actually the things that I was supposed to be sharing.

I started to research branding based upon astrological signs and dammit, wouldn’t you know that without consciously knowing, I was intuitively designing my brand in alignment with my birth chart. That’s when I knew that I was on to something.

My brand and business wasn’t strictly about online marketing but helping my tribe tap into and learn how to share their woo-woo gifts within their interior design business. Sure, there’s no design business without showing up online, but the marketing part of it is a sliver compared to the whole.

When I researched more (that’s in my chart, too) I came upon archetypes and that’s when I had to create my new course Astro Brand Alchemy. I couldn’t find the answers that I knew had to be there so I was going to get the answers and then share them with you.

Taking everything that I learned about astrology and archetypes is what motivated me to help you make the branding process easier so we can figure out who our ideal client and connect with them on a soul level. Because if you’re not expressing who you truly are how can you ever expect to connect with the people you’re supposed to be serving?

This astrology business brand process isn’t for everyone. You have to be courageous enough reconnect with your soul, tap into your gifts and, allow the world to see you for who you really.

If you’d asked me 7 years ago if I thought I had a unique gift that needed to be shared with the world, I wouldn’t have said yes. Like a lot of my clients, I often times take my talents for granted thinking everyone can do what I can do. They can’t. Nor can your clients just do what you do. The world needs what you bring to the world, but the first step is knowing what that really is.

Interior design, the industry we fell in love with is becoming more commercialized, unimaginative and empty with every passing day. With technology taking a bigger soulless role, now is the time to bank on what your real gift is… your creativity.

There will always be the people in the industry happy to spew out uninspired design that does nothing but further their own career path leaving a lot of people wishing for something more than a pretty room. That's where you come into the picture using your astrology business brand information to make the soul connections with the people who need you. 

Why Your Clients Need Your Astrology Business Brand To Hire You

When you figure out what your birth chart has to say about you, your purpose and those you're supposed to serve and then correlate it to an archetype that is based on one of the 12 types of people in this world? Well, you can stop circling the cul-de-sac of confusion when it comes what to name your business (because that should be the least of your worries) and lean into marketing your business in a soulful manner leaving the shallowness of social media behind. 

Embracing Your Astrology Brand Business Benefits:

  • The competition becomes irrelevant because there's no one like you

  • The "how much should I charge" question dies because your offerings aren't a commodity

  • You find the fire within to start living your purpose

  • Use your intuition to guide you every step of the way

  • Share your authentic message that delights your dream clients

  • Experience synchronicity like never before when your new perfect clients come out of the woodwork

  • Let go of the fear because life's too short for that shit

Any of the messages you'll be sharing after you go through this process will be ones that matter and will reach who they are supposed to reach (because nothing stops synchronous soul messages) so you can stop worrying about reaching the masses via social media.

Instead, you'll find yourself free to experience the magic of running a business that vibes with your soul and attract the abundance you've been seeking.

If things just aren’t clicking for you maybe you need to hit the pause button and take a look inside (and to the stars) to find the spark within that brought you to this industry and see how you can create something that truly makes other people’s lives better.

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.