Ditch The Askholes (And Still Make Money)


Raise your hand if you know an Askhole? You know the one. They ask for your advice, you give it to them and then they completely ignore it.

Askholes have no problem asking everyone and their brother for a way to solve their problem. They will ask for free advice and even entertain the idea of paying for help. They will never implement the solution.

Know why? They have no intention of ever solving their problem. NEVER.

Whether it's fear or they are just getting off by wasting people's time, we will never know for sure why they don't take your brilliant advice and move the fuck on.

The think about these Askholes is that they will waste your time. Time is money and they give zero fucks about wasting your time, if you let them. So don't let them. Simple as that.

When an askhole shows up you can simply tell them that you'd be happy to help them, for a fee.

This is not about you being cruel, but people and especially askholes do NOT value free. 

You could say:

Hey Joan,

I'd love to help you. To get started you'll need to click here and pay for your appointment with me. Then I'll get back to you with sometimes that we can chat. As soon as we've got our i's dotted and t's crossed, we'll get to work.


The Boss Business Owner

Then there comes the time when they have already paid you, but want just a little bit more. You know, that thing we call scope creep. It's outside the scope of what they originally paid for? But they need just one more itty bitty thing. 

Hey Joan,

Sure, that isn't a problem at all. I'd love to help you with that. 

Since this wasn't included in our original agreement, I'll just need you to click here and pay for the additional time and sign the updated agreement.

I'm super stoked about working with you more on this!


I Can Do That For More Dolla-Dolla Bills

You're a business owner, not a charity. Do not feel bad when someone wants more nor assume that you have to give them more for free.