Are You Charging Enough?


You want to know if you're charging enough, what your competition is charging and if you're rates are in line. 

It doesn't matter what your "competition" is charging. 

Seriously. Who gives a shit what they are charging? Do they live your life? No. They do not.

How much money do you need to make? 

That's the question you need to ask yourself. Then figure out how you will make that money. 

Maybe your competition has different money goals than you do, so why would you base your rates on what they do? Not to mention if they have shitty self-worth issues, you could be basing your value on their self-actualized value. That's kinda dumb.

Figure out what you need to make, break it down into monthly goals. Then figure what you need to charge to meet those goals and be unapolagetic about what you offer for the fee.

Seriously it is that simple. 

Just because you get a bunch of "No's" doesn't mean you aren't going to get the "Yes" from the person who will pay the fee.

They will pay the fee when you communicate clearly what you do and what they are getting in return.