How To Write Your About Page And Not Sound Like A Self-Absorbed Jerk

I know that writing the About page on your interior design website strikes the fear of God into you. I mean, you just hate writing about yourself. Amiright?

Here's the problem with that thinking. Your About page isn't really about you at all.

You've seen those About pages (maybe you even have one, oops!) where they speak entirely about themselves. They sound like this 97.65% of the time.

Jane Smith is an award-winning interior designer based in Who The Fuck Cares, Arizona. Jane specializes in Golden Girls Chic that reflects her distinct clientele's deepest desires. 

After graduating from some college that nobody has ever heard of, Jane also took and passed some tests that allow her to put lots of letters after her name. 

Jane is known for using pops of color all over the place and her avant-garde use of pipe cleaners as floral arrangements. Her impeccable eye for clean lines and knowing exactly when to use shiplap differentiates her from everyone else in her field.

Jane loves her wonderful husband, her wonderful child who has an IQ of 754 and her wonderful Ferret name Freddy that she dresses up in costumes for every holiday. 

Wasn't that just delightful? That stale, stuck up drivel makes Jane sound like a piece of work that you wouldn't want to ever work with.

Now this is something that clients can relate to…


Hi, I'm Jane. I help Gen Xers recreate their favorite television show sets of their youth.

Did you ever crush on Jack, Chrissy and Janet's living room? Loved Blanche Devereaux's bedroom? Swooned over the Friend's apartment? Me too! That's why I love to bring your memories of your favorite TV shows to life in your own home.

Remember when you wished you could have just moved into your favorite TV show's home? Now, you can just bring their style mixed with yours into your own home with all the feels.

My signature design services are perfect for Gen Xers that are ready to bring some fun and good memories home from your favorite shows.

Even if it's "Mad Men", honey, I'm all about recreating some hot Don Draper vintage goodness so you can host that epic cocktail party that your friends won't be able to stop talking about.

How did I wind up doing this? After I graduated from college, I went to work in Hollywood as a set designer. It was lots of fun and I learned a lot of tricks of the trade. I loved it so much that I wanted to help Gen Xers bring these vintage-inspired designs in their own homes.

Sound like you? Great! Let's get started.

When someone visits your website, they aren't looking to read some boring resume on your About page. They want to read something that sounds like it came from a normal person, not some creepy Stepford designer robot.

If you need a copywriter that can help you nail your About page, hire my BFF Misha. And if you need help with getting people to your interior design website, join me in the Society. I'll help you make your place so much cooler than that shitty Peach Pit After Dark. Join me here.