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How to Make Passive Income Selling Your Design Knowledge

Work smarter, not harder. That’s everyone’s goal, right? Since you’re are full of brilliant design ideas and information that helps your clients save money and time, you’re ready to make passive income selling your design knowledge.

Except if you’ve got no system in place to deliver it, you’re going to have to bandage some confusing solution together.  

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5 Ways To Easily Steal Your Competitor’s Clients

See, this one time, I hired one of those online design companies that got lots of funding. Just for research. Okay, and I wanted to see if they could come up with something better than I could. 

Perhaps it's not fair for an interior designer to hire another interior designer firm to see what the experience is like, but I did it anyway. And I wanted to see how it feels to be the client.

Here's how it went...

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