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Why Did I Close My Interior Design Business?

So escaping into those dreamy floor plans was where I was happiest. 

It led me to thinking that I wanted to be an architect and create my own floor plans... but two years of my high school drafting class cured me of that thought.

I decided I would get a degree in interior design. I could still be in my happy space creating these dreamy spaces where people could live their dream lives. 

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If They Say "So What", You Should Just Say "Adios"

You're trying your best to follow the latest strategies, but you just can't. Get on video? You'd rather do your bookkeeping.

So then you sit there stuck in neutral. You're at a fork in the road. You don't know where either of the roads lead, but you see a car coming up behind you and feel the need to make a choice. Or you're going to have some a-hole honking at your ass.

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