6 Things You Didn't Know About Your Website Header


Do people know what you can do for them when they land on your website right away? Or did you just give them a reason not to care? If you and I had businesses that were like Target, Sears, or Lowe's everyone would know our name, know what we do and who we do it for. That would be because we have lots of dinero to run these kick ass media campaigns all over and no one would dare ask “Do you think I could get a lawn mower at Lowe's?”

  1. It’s the first thing people see. Your website header is muy importante and isn’t a place you should neglect. Think of it as your billboard you’d see next to the highway. It doesn’t mean it should scream “Find Out Who The Real Baby Daddy Is!”, it can still be classy and have a point.

  2. It’s valuable real estate. This is the first thing people see, so this is your best opportunity to put your flag in the sand, announce what you do and what you want ME to do when I get to your site first.

  3. Keep it simple, tell them what you do. When I pop on your website do I know instantly what you can do for me? If you make my brain hurt trying to figure out what you are doing for me, I probably will click off your website.

  4. Lead Generator. Use your header to build your email list (which you know I think should always be your first goal).

  5. Show off Professionalism. This is not the place to think you can DIY this if you're not sure how to make it look awesome. It sets the tone for your online space, if it’s meh or looks like you are the master of free online image apps that is setting you up for getting lower paying clients.

  6. Show off personality. Use your picture, use your colors, use some cool sketches of your work. Make your portfolio work your background that shows off your work. Make it totally and unmistakably all you.

A great header design is worth so much on your website. It sets the tone for your business relationships, the clients you want to attract and how they interact with you.