5 Reasons To Update Your Website

5 reasons to update your website

You might not need five reasons to update your website. You might only need two. Five, four, three, two, one. These have to be my top five reasons why you should update your website. Things you really shouldn't ignore.

It's Dated

Dated like Bill Cosby's sweaters. Dated like a cassette tape. Dated like an 8-track. If someone comes to your website and it screams dated, vintage, old and not fresh I can guarantee you two things. Your bounce rate is high and people think you are stale. Stale like your website.

If you keep your dated website, you might one day hope to get a mention on the Ugly Website Collection. But you don't want that, do you. No, you want people to come to your website and say to themselves "Nice site, looks like they got their shit together. I think I will click around and see what else they have going on."

It's Hard to Navigate

You can be cute or your can be clear. It's rather difficult to be both. If you are cutesy and not clear with your navigation I will get annoyed, confused and think that's how you are when you work with me. You'll be using your own vernacular for something and I will be left scratching my head.

Your navigation is the list of links that connects to all the pages of your website. If I am looking for your "Services" page and you instead have something titled "Get Sparkles" I'm not going to remember that when my ADD kicks in later and I am looking for your services. Make it dum-dum proof because studies done by wizards show that if a customer cannot what they are looking for in three clicks of getting on your site, they will leave.

It's Not Mobile Responsive

It's a fancy term for "Does your m-effing website adapt to mobile devices?" Like a tablet or smart phone. It's the wave of the future babe, and you need to catch a ride if your website isn't.

A mobile responsive website adapts to the screen it is being shown through magical pixie dust. When Joe Schmoe is looking for you while he's out at Starbucks sucking his mocha choco latte venti thingy and your site is not mobile responsive, he will get all emo and throw his phone. Hitting the barista in the head. Let's avoid violence, people.

The Branding Sucks

If you website looks like it is having an identity crisis, it doesn't have consistent branding. When someone hops on your website you need it to have ONE feel. The feel of your company. Not the feel of your logo and some cutesy freebie Wordpress theme that has nothing to do with your business.

It's super important to come up with a brand for your business. Your logo, your colors, your fonts, your business in a graphical format.

You Can't Update it

Blasted all to Hell. You've added a new service to your offerings and now you must email Grizeldo to update your website. In Romania. He'll need to code that special and you know what that means to you. You're going to be paying for his muy especial coding to update your website.

Wouldn't it be dreamy if you could just update your site all by yourself when you had something to add? Yes, yes it would. And that future is here. Right now.

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.