26 Truths Every Interior Designer Should Embrace


These are the 26 Truths Every Interior Designer Should Embrace came to me one morning when I thought it was time to get up. But I couldn't. Every time I thought I was done, another thought came. So I present these to you. I do hope that even if you know each of these 26 truths that every interior designer should embrace (and live by) that they may remind you of something you need to work on or something you should share with a designer who needs a friendly reminder.

  1. When you're ready for your next job, ask for it.

  2. Don't crowd source for opinions on your business. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

  3. Schedule everything for your sanity. And if something isn't going to fit into your schedule, it's okay to say no.

  4. The "greats" weren't great overnight (and they have had doubts, too).

  5. Your prices aren't your worth.

  6. Get attention for being great, not a bitch.

  7. Don't do it for money.

  8. Designs must come from a place of love.

  9. Fellow designers are your friends, not your enemies.

  10. Help to be helped.

  11. Be original.

  12. What you do, matters.

  13. Give up the attachment to your title.

  14. Set intentions, then do it. (Take someday out of your vocabulary)

  15. Your creative well won't run dry.

  16. The only letters you need after your name are LOVE.

  17. Be a blessing more than you want to be blessed.

  18. Compliments are free and necessary to your clients about what they did in the past. Shitting on their tastes before they hired you gets you an escort out of their home.

  19. Success comes to those who ask for it while they hustle.

  20. If you fear success, don't worry, it won't come knocking for you.

  21. Shake your money maker aka your personality.

  22. Self confidence doesn't hold hands with bitchiness. Be the blessing, not the bitch.

  23. Fake it 'til you believe it.

  24. The price doesn't matter, craft their perfect solution first. It's not a mood board or a shopping list, it's a roadmap to their bliss.

  25. Listen more than talk, all the answers you'll need are found when you listen.

  26. Bless a hater. Either you're doing something right or you need to up your game so they can't deny you're the bomb diggity.

I hope this list of 26 Truths Every Interior Designer Should Embrace made an impact in your life. If it did, would you please share it right now? Also, please leave me a comment if you'd like. I respond to every comment because I love hearing from you.