Facebook Changed The Algorithm. So what!

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I know at times I sound like your nagging mother. It's for your own good. 

So, what is it that I've been nagging about for years? 

That you need to work on your SEO and building your email list. It's totally non-negotiable.

Zuckerberg is out there trying to reimagine some utopian social platform. A platform that he rules with the help of his little algorithms. The algorithms that still don't allow us to choose what we really want to see in our feed, but a kinder feed that shows us posts from our annoying acquaintance who only posts memes that make us roll our eyes. But I digress. 

You should never be all in on any platform that you don't control. 

He is the king of Facebook and what he says goes. He can lock you out of his castle. He can make you pay more money to get in front of the audience you cultivated there. He's in control.

You are the queen of your website. You own that shit. You make your own rules on how to get people to it, how to get people to stick around and become obsessed with you and you own that money-making email list that lets you send love notes directly to your peeps any fucking time you want. 

That's what I'm talking about... take a peek below.


It is Alycia, and it is 2018. It's already turning out to be a little bit bumpy ride I guess for some of us. 

What is the deal with Facebook? They've changed things again so you might be crapping your pants a little bit but I think this is a really good moment in time for you to shift gears and to focus on what is really important. 

You probably heard the news Facebook is changing the algorithm again and with changing the algorithm that means they want it to be more of a touchy-feely place. Isn't that wonderful?

Depending on your friends and family that might not be so wonderful. And if you're like me you friended a lot of people that are business associates, so it's more like a LinkedIn. So Facebook, while it's not my favorite place to hang out anymore, for some designer peeps they've been going all-in on the live video strategy, pumping them out and having some great results. Then Zuckerberg's like, "I think I wanted to make it more touchy-feely and if you want to get your business seen, then it's pay to play Baby".

Which is fine, that's his business he runs, his little Utopia of Facebook where he can do it any way he wants. If you're finding yourself in a place where you're like I'm screwed! What am I going to do? 

You're going to go back to what you should have been working on all this time. Focusing on your website. 

Making that a place that people can find by doing a Google search.

Your Facebook is somebody else's property. All that traffic, that audience over there belongs to Zuckerberg, it doesn't belong to you. Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, wherever the hell you're hanging out online in a social way is not your property. 

Your website is the most important asset that you own. I want to encourage you, in 2018, to finally take it seriously and optimize it. Start learning how to do SEO, search engine optimization, so you can bring traffic to your website without paying for it.

You also need to start creating content that's really valuable. A 200-word post of crap that nobody gives a shit about, well they're going to bounce off your website. You know what Google is going to be like? All that's crap lover there, so I don't want to send anybody to them. And it will drop your rankings down. 

You need to invest that time on your website right now. Find out how people are getting to your website, what are they interested in that you've talked about, and start making some content for them. The content could be a Blog or Vlog; it can be whatever. The point is, you're going to have reasons to draw people to your website. 

Then get them on your email list. When they are on your email list, they are yours. You can talk to them at any time you want. You won't be experiencing the client drought because you can't get in front of them on Facebook.

No no no! You have an email list now you can get in front of them. This is why it's so important that you have a website. This website needs to have a beautiful looking layout; it needs to be mobile ready, it's got to have you know a whole feel that's basically transmitting to your people that this is the experience of when they're working with you. It's got to have epic content, and you've got to be able to say the words that your clients want to hear. Your website needs to be whispering those sweet nothings into their ear, so they're whipping out a credit card.

What are we going to do for 2018? We are going to learn SEO, search engine optimization. Do not pay some guru to do this for you.  You need to know how to get traffic to your website this is a skill. 

And I'm sorry if you're solopreneur and you're like "I just started a design business, and I just want to design," well guess what? You're also a marketer for your design business, so you're gonna have to put that hat on and learn how to Market your business.

That means you're going to need to get organic traffic to your website that is free. Of course, you can always pay... you can go pay on Facebook and whatnot, but if you don't have that foundation in place, an awesome website people are still checking it out... even if you have the local design business - you're not doing the online thing. The online thing? It permeates local businesses too, okay? So let's get that out of the way.

So you need to have the website that's epic.  You need to have a brand that's epic. You need to have content that is epic.

Whether or not you want to hang out on Facebook and share or do a live video or whatever  - you need to make your website The Hot Spot online.

It's so critical because anytime you're relying on a social media platform (please don't ever rely on social media platform)  but if you have been, don't. They change the rules anytime they want, and when they do, you're likely the one who is gonna be screwed.

Take control. You're already paying for your website (at least you should be paying for your website)  so you might as well optimized it and get a return on your investment don't just have some brochure website where it's just a bunch of pretty pictures and some stuffing language. Create a website that's reflecting your personality, where you're talking to your ideal client, use words they use, so they know you guys are like meant to be.  Make this website work harder for you. If it's not working hard for you if it isn't bringing you, clients, what's the point of the website?

Use it.

This is where you should be focusing your attention in 2018 and Beyond. This is your biggest asset that's going to serve you for years.

When you start creating really good content on your website. Content that is evergreen right? Like you're not going to be talking about shiplap because shiplap is not evergreen.  Please, I hope it is not. Talking about those evergreen topics of design and decorating and are never going to go away. That is what you need to be talking about on your website. That will help build traffic to your website, for years to come.

Each little piece of good content that you have on your website build the foundation and its build your Authority in Google and Google knows that you're like Too Legit to Quit and they're not going to Discount you.  But if Google figures out like "they just got a bunch of crap content on this website I'm not going to refer them," that's basically what they're saying. You want to be the go-to resource. 

Fall in love with your website take some time give us some love, and it will repay you back ten times if not more.

If you want more of my help, you can always hop into the Society with me and your new designer besties. There's so much training in there you I can't even tell you there's a lot I would love for you to come hang out with us in the Society. Not just for beginners and not just for advanced people it's for everybody who's ready to create launch and Market their design business. I hope to see you in there!