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I have trouble deciding what to do, to advertise, market, promote my business...need good ideas, direction, proven examples to follow
I have lots of good ideas and know things to do that I’m not doing...need time, need focus, need someone holding me accountable...need better implementation
I know things I could do to improve my business but get side-tracked and fatigued by the day- to-day grind and I lose my motivation
I feel like a lone wolf in the wilderness much of the time...get resistance to my ideas, feel like I’m pushing spaghetti uphill with my nose trying to improve things...would be useful to have some support and encouragement...someone to bounce ideas off of
Examples: Fast Cash Flow Surge, Better Follow-Up On Leads/Prospects, More New Customers, More Effective Advertising
Examples: Steady Flow Of New Customers, Better Customers, Increase Profits, More Time To Work On Marketing, Diversification, etc.
List three brands online that you love for their color, imagery, fonts, or design
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