Get clients online with smart online marketing strategies

Take your website from bad to BADASS



Your website should be bringing you more clients and more cash. If it’s not, read on….

Maybe you never got around to “finishing” your website, maybe it's collecting dust or you’ve just outgrown it and not sure what in the hell you should do to it so that it starts bringing in clients that are banging on your virtual door.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a ton of followers on Instagram or a hoppin’ Facebook group if your website sucks. 

I know that you’ve heard that you don’t need the website, but think about this… What happens when Zuckerberg changes the algorithm or he puts you in Facebook jail? Then what? 

You’re screwed. That’s what. 


Your website is the most important property you own online and if it looks like a ghost town...

Well, your prospects are going to disappear faster than Twinkies at a Weight Watchers meeting.


If you’re ready to learn how to turn your site into a professional, money-making machine then this 6-week workshop will have you walking away with the website that looks like you shelled out ten grand for a fraction of the price. 


Here’s what happening during our 6-weeks together:

  • Learn exactly how to lay out the five most important pages on your website so that your prospects are scrambling to find the “WORK WITH ME” button within minutes (without coding, thankyouverymuch) VALUE: $1500
  • Get the foolproof SEO method that gets targeted traffic to your website with search engine optimization VALUE: $500
  • Discover some serious list building strategies so that you can double your conversion rate VALUE: $300
  • Understand and create your own website conversion funnel that boosts your income VALUE: $300
  • Get the sales page formula that you can reuse over and over again for all of your future offerings VALUE: $400
  • Make your blog a hotspot that keeps them on your website longer VALUE: $200

This course will all be delivered with easy to follow videos inside our private Facebook group. 

And let’s not forget the BADASS bonuses…

  • A comprehensive review of your current web presence & tell you exactly what’s working and what, well, isn’t VALUE: $300
  • The SEO cheat sheet that you can refer back to any time you’re updating your website VALUE: $200
  • The Freebie Offer Workbook that will guide you through the process of creating an irresistible lead magnet PLUS 3 sample email templates for you to use in your email marketing campaign VALUE: $200 
  • Blogging Recipes filled with enough blog post formulas to get your through the year with a blog post each and every week VALUE: $200
  • 1 Free 30-Day Pass To The Society, if you’re not already a member


Right now your perfect clients are out there online looking for YOU, but can they find you? It’s time your website starting helping you help your clients fall in love with you and your business. You’ll be learning finally how to implement the invaluable internet marketing strategies the RIGHT way so you can attract more clients to your website. 


Here’s how it works…

The workshop starts on April 3rd. And there are limited spots available. 

When you join this workshop program I will do a video recording review of your website that will be shared inside of our Private Facebook group. 

Each week there will be a new training released inside the private Facebook group. 

  •     Week #1: Business Reviews Videos Done
  •     Week #2: Home Page
  •     Week #3: About Page
  •     Week #4: Offerings Page
  •     Week #5: Blog Page
  •     Week #6: Your Freebie Page + Bonus Goodies delivered

I will be available during these 6-weeks inside our private Facebook to help you with anything you get stuck on. The Badass Website Workshop is about RESULTS

This is for you if:

  • You already have a Squarespace or Wordpress website on a domain with hosting that you pay for. These strategies aren’t for freebie websites where you don’t have that much control over the back-end. PLUS just in case you hit any tech roadblocks, I will be able to help you lickety split inside the Facebook group with any extra assistance you need with your Squarespace or Wordpress website.
  • You can commit to working on one page of your website every week. Yes, you will be able to download the recordings but you will get the best results when you show up and commit to getting the work done
  • You want a straight-forward, no-fluff strategy for optimizing your website to bring in traffic through search engines
  • You are comfortable working in the “back-end” of your website such as creating or editing pages, adding images and copy/pasting code for your email newsletter form.

This isn’t for you if: 

  • You’re not interested in getting clients from free traffic online.
  • You are scared shitless of making changes to your website.
  • You aren’t willing to invest in your business.

I can't guarantee I will run this live workshop again this year. And by the middle of May you could have a badass website OR still spinning your wheels wondering how in the hell to make it work harder for you. So if this sounds course sounds like the program you've been waiting for, join us!

One Payment of $499

Two easy payments of $299

FOR THE WORDPRESS USERS: You may need to purchase a new theme for your website if the one you are currently using isn’t one that you can easily change. I can recommend themes to you in this workshop that I have used. Any theme I recommend will cost you an additional fee, but not usually more than $100. 


Disclaimer: By purchasing this workshop you agree that you are fully responsible for your progress and sales results. I offer no guarantees on your sales or results. The results experienced by each person may significantly vary. You are responsible for your success in this workshop as with any other course you participate in.