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Holistic Interior Design
Is The Future

Energize your design business and life

Helping holistic interior designer shift the energy so that you can attract high-vibe clients that need someone like you.


Where high vibe holistic designers create the life and business of their dreams.

And your spot for no bullshit advice that you can actually take to the bank.

Lemme guess....you have an unhealthy addiction to podcasts and business blog posts. Your Kindle has a butt load of business books (and half of them suck). You’ve been to the trainings and conferences that all the cool kids are going to. Hell, you even paid to hang out with a real life guru hoping to get the stellar results they promised in their intoxicating copy only to come up short.

Then you start back over the next week wasting hours reading the blog posts, listening to podcasts featuring the latest “millionaire” shitpreneur while you

scan through Pinterest hoping to find the next course you can blow yourmoney on.Fuck that.

You, my dear, have a awesome talent to intuitively know how to create the spaces that your clients need to live their best life.  

Me? I'm here to help you unlock your potential so you can uplevel your business and lifestyle with strategy, clarity and a side of woo-woo.