I’m Alycia Wicker and I give real, practical, money-making advice for interior designers who want to build their empire with smart online marketing strategies.

I also swear like a sailor, more on that late, but suffice to say if that turns you off you can just close this tab.





You and I both know your work is EPIC! People LOVE you and if only more people knew you existed? Well, life would be pretty SWEET!

And --if we’re being honest-- you feel like you’re doing a bazillion things to get clients online, but it feels like a lot of work without a lot of clients coming in the door. 

How I got here...

Because years ago I was you. I was where you are now. I scoured for every piece of information I thought would make me as famous as Candice Olson, without selling my soul to some reality TV show, and busier than a hooker at a truck stop.

But, I really had no idea how to do it.

I had the street cred (degrees and certifications up the wazoo), the website, the blog and the social media accounts.

I mistakenly thought I had all the pieces to the puzzle to lead me on the fast-track to “success”.

Finding success took longer than I had anticipated. And I repeatedly asked other designers to help me, to show me what they were doing in their businesses to find success. You know how that request goes. In one ear and out the other. 

So, I was up shit-creek without a paddle and had to figure it out on my own. And that's why I'm where I am today. I became the person I wished existed back when I needed help growing my design business.

As a certified interior-turned-interior designer business coach with over 19 years in the design biz, I know how to create an appealing + money-making interior design business.

I learned that interior designers have such unique businesses that not just any guru out there gets it. And let's be honest... some of these "gurus" are pretty snobby. And I don't do that snobby shit.

I guide peeps, like you, to get your business to the spot you’ve dreamed about ever since you began this journey into this crazy world of entrepreneurship.

I get calls from new clients every day - seriously - every day! She knows what she is talking about and if YOU do what she says, it will work.
— Kathleen J.

Almost forgot...

I use bad words. You know, profanity? If you are deeply offended by that please leave this website right fucking now and seek out someone who doesn't curse. 


My use of profanity doesn't mean that I am not a professional. If you can not discern the difference between being professional and using profanity, you don't belong here. I do excellent work and get my clients real, tangible, money making results. 

I use profanity as a filter. If you get the vapors over my use of colorful language, you're focused on dumb shit. You've got tunnel vision and that's why you will fail at business. Good luck.

A Few Fucking Cool Reasons You’re Gonna Want Me On Your Side:

  • I have 19 years experience as an interior designer. So yeah. There’s that.
  • I’ve been creating websites, researching and implementing online strategies for friends + family ever since Al Gore invented the Internet..but I’ve been a “professional” since 2012. (Yeah...I use the term loosely.)
  • I’m totally turned on (in an all-business way) by working with other creative people to weave their uniqueness into their business. ‘Cause I believe you can have an online space that’s both professional and bursting with personality that attracts clients almost on auto-pilot.
  • I walk my talk. Case-in-point? I only share with you the strategies that I know work. Not that regurgitated shit that everyone else is pimping.
  • My word is my bond. If I say I’m gonna do it, I do it. No if’s, and’s or cigarette butt’s.

More About Moi? Well Wouldn’t You Like to Know...

  • If Juno Macguff and Jeff Lewis had a love child, I'd totally be it. I'm sarcastic, funny and 150% reliable.
  • Not-so-guilty pleasures include lotsa TV. Ghost Adventures first + foremost, and after that I’m a Real Housewives junkie. Also love me some Shark Tank, Blue Bloods (I'm still hot for Magnum even though he's totally old balls at this point), Kardashians (I know, I think #eldiablo makes me watch it), Hotels Impossible, Mr. Mercedes, This Is Us (That Milo? Hotness!)...need I go on?
  • I'm obsessed with celebrity gossip. What about it?
  • I love Elvis. He’s my #1 boyfriend. Don’t worry - my husband knows. #2 boyfriend is George Michael.